a heart-based home for integrative energy medicine and spiritual healing practices drawn from contemporary science and indigenous wisdom. Created and facilitated by Dr. Marian Vitali DC, BS, BFA, who has devoted 30 professional years to providing therapeutic wellness services, practices, education, and consultations to thousands of people. Click here for more on Bio.


Dr. Vitali promotes a heartfelt vision that every person has the extraordinary potential for wholeness.
When we become aware and available to our inner resources, our potential leaps from the ordinary to the extraordinary.
So often the catalyst for transformation is a subtle shift in one's life energy, which alters perception and seeds potential. The wholelife beauty of shamanic wisdom is its spiritual continuum. One person's transformational healing benefits "all our relations". This spirit of wholeness illuminates our communities and revitalizes our relationship with Earth herself.
Today from around the world many different indigenous cultures are sharing convergent prophecies about deep-seated changes, in part about the evolution of human consciousness. Dr. Vitali's intention is that WholeLife Wellness and Shamanic Services LLC contributes to this evolution by supporting the life journeys of those engaged in personal transformation, earth awareness, and awakening to the wholeness in life.


Explore how your life's journey can evolve more fully and consciously through these energy-based services:

There are many approaches to meet your whole self. You can choose to engage in one, a series, or a combination of services and begin your journey to wholeness. The luminous thread connecting these services is the opportunity for healing, empowerment, transformation, and wholeness of mind, body, and spirit. Click here for more on Services.