Dr. Marian Vitali DC, BS, BFA, has devoted 30 professional years to providing therapeutic wellness services, practices, education, and consultations to thousands of people. This has included: chiropractic, massage therapy, polarity energy healing, acupuncture, yoga, holistic health educator, mindfulness stress reduction, empowerment training, indigenous energy medicine, and others as well.

She has experience and training in several shamanic traditions and completion of numerous extended and advanced programs with world renowned contemporary shamans: this includes the earth-rich Andean shamanic traditions with Jose Luis Herrera of Rainbow Jaguar Traditions; Alberto Villoldo and the Fours Winds Society; and John Perkins of Dream Change; and training in the journeying wisdom of core shamanism with Michael Harner, Sandra Ingerman, and other teachers from the Foundation of Shamanic Studies. She is also certified through Healing the Light Body School in Luminous Healing and Energy Medicine. Dr. Vitali is a mesa carrier initiated into the Inca medicine practices of Peru through rites given by traditional Q'ero elders and contemporary shamans.

All of these are the heart, soul, and roots from which WholeLife Wellness & Shamanic Services llc has grown and is still growing; and they are all routes to what I sense as a benevolent and awe-inspiring mystery alive within the journey to wholeness.

I give thanks to all of these fine, compassionate teachers and teachings, including my circle of family and friends. Every moment is my living practice and everyday is my living journey. May we meet along the path.