Energy Healing




Wellness Coaching

These heart-based services can assist you to:
Restore balance, passion, and a lightness of spirit in your life
Relax and revitalize
Release trapped energy of old wounds or self-limiting beliefs
Regain essential soul energy (personal energy lost through
   illness, trauma, or abuse)
Realign with natural rhythms and nature's universal
   web of living energies
Connect personal, community, and planetary well-being
Co-create your life's journey

Dr. Marian Vitali integrates energy medicine and spiritual healing practices from contemporary science and indigenous wisdom.

Shamanism is the oldest worldwide spiritual practice, one shared by all our ancestral heritages. Shamans view the full spectrum of life - animals, plants, stones, earth, stars, ancestors, and dreams - as a living, spirit-based continuum.

Today and throughout the ages, the human body is seen as part of this living exchange. It contains energy systems which hold imprints about one's life choices, experiences, and potentials. These imprints affect our physical, emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being, and all our relationships.

During energy healing sessions, Dr. Vitali accesses the web of life to assist you in clearing and rebalancing your energy systems. This can open your heart, awaken your inner gifts, and lighten your spirit.

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Workshops provide a welcoming space for meditative, intuitive, and personal development; and to explore energy body and eco-spiritual awareness. Presentations, ceremonies, and experiential exercises are used to awaken a wholelife shamanic consciousness.

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Did you know that there is a ceremony to restore balance and intention into your evolving life's journey? Within sacred space, a ceremony takes an intention from seed to bloom and releases it into life. Ceremonies are also for: healing, community balance, relationship and life transitions, connecting to natural cycles, and honoring ancestors.

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Apprenticeship programs provide in-depth mentoring for those who want to spiritually deepen and recover their own authentic life through a shamanic energy medicine path. Included are: personal healing processes, developing a mesa (medicine bundle), Andean Inca cosmology and other traditions, energetic transmissions with rites of passage, accessing nature's energies through spiritual awareness, and luminous body healing for others.

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Get to know and grow your inner resources through individualized wellness coaching sessions. Learn a specific wellness practice    - guided breathing, shamanic journeying, deepening intuition, mindful relaxation.

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